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Hair Regrowth Treatments

For the Head, Beard & Eyebrows

Male Hairloss

Severe Stress (Telogen Effluvium)

A person may be experiencing hair loss because of recent stress or shock, this pattern is known as Telogen Effluvium. Hair loss will take approximately 3 months after the event.
Signs: Increased shedding, thinning hair, patches of hair loss.



Alopecia Areata is a condition seen frequently by our specialists. It consists of stages of patchy hair loss due to hair follicles rapidly entering the "resting" phase. It can be passed genetically and can appear at anytime in a person's life.
Depending on the severity, treatment we provide can be very successful.

Thinning Crown

The top of your head is called the "Crown" or "Vertex" some men will experience thinning hair, resulting in the scalp becoming visible, and soon after a bald patch will appear. This also being the symptoms of receding hair line. The extent of the hair loss is different for every person, and this is very common for most men.

Thinning Hair - Women

Women will notice hair partings becoming wider and wider but by the time they realise it's a problem, it can be too late. Most commonly women face hair loss and find short term solutions (hair extensions/wigs) causing more harm and in some cases irreversible damage.

Hair Falling out

We shed up to 100 strands a day. You will definitely notice if your are shedding more hair than usual.
Common reasons - hormone in-balance, changes in health or increased stress.
There are preventative treatments that also strengthen hair follicles and avoid hair loss for both men & women.

Balding/ Bald patches

Hair Loss can be the first sign of something is wrong with your health and a sort of 'cry for help' .
Noticing signs early can be the difference between having no chance of recovery to changing the course for your hair loss.

Regain Confidence

hair regrowth

Our treatment methods are scientifically & medically supported to prevent hair loss if tackled early on. 

Taken action now and prevent any further hair loss.

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Beard Regrowth

We are always updating and perfecting our methods to ensure up-to-date safe procedures are offered. We never compromise on safe positive results.

We can regrow new hard or thicken what you already have.

Change your habits

Eyebrow Regrowth

We can only offer and guide you through treatments maintaining good healthy practices will ensure your results are long lasting.

More often women turn to microblading or tattooing which is pigmenting your skin and not always healthy or safe. Our methods are safe and regrow your own hair. 

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We can definitely help, we will need to book you in for a no obligation consultation to see exactly what is going on with your hair follicles and to get a better understanding of you before we recommend a treatment plan

The Shampoo & Conditioner you use can be one of the reasons you are having hair concerns. 

We offer a Trichologist Shampoo & Conditioner safe and proven to encourage and maintain good hair growth

Yes, we are encouraging home treatment packs suited to individual needs. 

We recommend a no-obligation consultation so we can tailor your pack to your need & budget.

Yes, hair loss if addressed early on can be prevented if not, the rate slowed down drastically. 

The methods we use and apply for treatment are FDA approved and case studies have shown positive high percentage results.

Yes, we offer tailored treatments for Beard Regrowth & Eyebrow Regrowth.

Contact Us now for more information.

No, the treatment is pain-free and harmless. 

If you are still sceptical, start by making a few changes that you do not already do.

I would recommend changing your shampoo to a less harsh product and introducing vitamin supplements B12, Biotin and vitamin D.

Our full service includes 2 sessions weekly at the clinic under our LLLT (laser machine) again harmless. 

Reduced service – But due to COVID-19 we are offering home treatment packs at reduced prices.

We have had positive results for all the clients treated to date. 

Yes, we can help regrow eyebrows.

We strive to make our clients happy

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